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Amputations, whether they occur medically or accidentally, forever change the life of the victim. The victim, in addition to suffering the physical shock of the event, will then be faced with a lengthy and costly recovery period, during which medical expenses and the provision of prosthetics can be extremely burdensome. There is also the emotional turmoil that occurs in the wake of the event, which affects not only the victim him or herself, but can extend to family members and other loved ones.

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Common Causes of Amputations

A wide range of factors can result in an amputation, including but not limited to motor vehicle accidents, machine accidents, construction and other workplace accidents, explosions, unsafe conditions arising from property liability, and dangerous defective products. Untreated or improper treatment infections, along with medical malpractice, can also be causes of amputation, and the pain and suffering that follow. In fact, medical conditions that may necessitate amputation, such as diabetes and cancer, may even outnumber traumatic experiences.

Recovering from the loss of a limb, in addition to incurring steep medical bills, can be a painful and emotionally demanding process that takes months or even years. Amputations can affect a victim’s ability to lead his or her daily life, making it difficult to impossible to walk, drive, work, and much more. Some victims are also affected with phantom limb pain during and after recovery, complicating the issue further.

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The State of Pennsylvania does not place caps on limits to damages arising from amputation injuries, and damages can arise not only from medical bills, loss of wages, and future medical treatments, but to physical pain and emotional hardship that result afterwards.

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